Saturday, July 5, 2008

Bring a Non-Profit Franchise to the Philippines

There are tens of thousands of non-profits in the US that address particular public problems. Many of these non-profits have mature systems, networks, and methods. Often, their knowledge is open to be shared, and these enterprises may be brought to the Philippines.

Here is an example of a Filipino who brought a frachise of US-based Safe Kids to the Philippines after a training stint in the US.

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Safe Kids Philippines was formally organized in 2004 but has existed in the Philippines since 2003 as a project of the Community Oriented Medical Education (COME) Unit of the University of the Philippines in Manila . This first venture into injury prevention was conducted by the Barangay Health Workers of Pasay City.

SKP initially began in 1993 from the academic research on child unintentional injury by Dr. Ramon Arcadio. At that time, Dr. Arcadio served as a pediatrician and Dean of the University of the Philippines College of Medicine. The results from Dr. Arcadio’s study have since provided the initial data needed to develop program work on child injury prevention.

Dr. Rafael Consunji also showed interest in the same field while studying in the US in 2000. Dr. Consunji’s thesis in Public Health focused on injury prevention. His serendipitous contact with SKW led to the setting up of SKP.

The first initiative of SKP was a comprehensive approach in researching problems encountered by children as they walked to school. A survey called the “walkability” check was used to assess the walking environment of the children at ten public elementary schools in Pasay City . The first project proved the need for more interventions to make the environment safer for children in the Philippines .

SKP efforts have expanded to meet the needs of the local community with generous volunteer and program support from FedEx. SKP continues to focus activities towards the prevention of childhood injuries, including road traffic, drowning, falls, poisoning and burns.

SKP is now in Pasay City , Paranaque City , Cebu City , Olongapo City and Quezon City .

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