Saturday, July 5, 2008

FilAM Cross-Border Citizenship: Citizenship Juan Hour at a Time

I discussed in my previous blog some typology of development actions. Let me think of ways a FilAm may contribute to nation-building.

A. If I committed 1 hour per month-

I’d study the Youtubes on Philippine Local Governance, a little at a time, then start gathering data on my hometown or do online volunteer work for a Phil.-based NGO.

B. If I committed 2 hours per month

I’d choose a sector related to my field, find a Philippine-based collaborator, and start a joint blog comparing systems and identifying doable steps for possible Philippine implementation.

C. If I committed 3 hours per month

I’d look for an NGO doing work in my area of interest and in the country I am in, and do 1 hour of volunteer work with them per week. That will enrich and ground the 2 hours I spend doing letter B. Contact us at MolaveDev. We might be able to link you up.

D. If I committed 4 hours per month

I’d co-direct with a Philippine NGO program a public interest project, collaborating via email, Skype, chat, etc.

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