Saturday, July 5, 2008

Knowledge Remittances

Knowledge Remittances

This article describes the phenomenon as “social remittances”, I would like to think of them as “knowledge remittances” or “innovation remittances”. Or perhaps, drawing from knowledge management, “knowledge capital remittances”.

OFWs gaining influence in their communities — study
By Vincent Cabreza
Northern Luzon Bureau
First Posted 23:21:00 03/16/2008

BAGUIO CITY — The strong peso may have devalued the remittances of overseas Filipino workers, but two University of the Philippines studies suggest that OFWs have become the new power blocs in their communities in Northern Luzon.

But one of the studies said the Filipino youth grasped an offbeat value from OFWs — that good parenting required them to leave the country in order to truly care for their children. Click here to read more

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